For our business clients, disputes are an inherent day to day risk. It is important to resolve the dispute in the most cost effective and practical way and to look beyond the present dispute to see if similar problems might be avoided in the future.

Commercially aware clients expect alternative and imaginative approaches to problem solving. We aim to establish our client’s goals right from the start and tailor our approach in each individual case. Every problem has a solution, and aswell as seeking innovative answers we also explore alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, arbitration and adjudication in order to resolve our client’s disputes.

Litigation can be protracted, stressful and often expensive. At Lindsays, we believe that taking advantage of sound legal advice at an early stage can often turn out to be the least painful and most cost-effective strategy of all.

However, there is still a place for litigation and, should this be the most appropriate approach, our team is well equipped to guide our clients though the court process, including recommending whether or not to sue, as well as how best to secure payment. We have a strong track record of successfully representing clients in Sheriff Courts throughout Scotland, the Court of Session and at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Enquiry.

We regularly provide advice on a wide range of issues such as:

We can also employ dispute resolution and litigation in relation to other specialist areas such as: construction law, intellectual property, employment, licensing, and commercial property.

Latest service news & features

Image for article: We are pleased to welcome four aspiring solicitors as trainees

We are pleased to welcome four aspiring solicitors as trainees

5 September 2016

As part of our commitment to investing in our people we are delighted to introduce the ambitious graduates who have joined Lindsays as trainees.

Image for article: Clarification of the outdated Telecoms Code is welcome

Clarification of the outdated Telecoms Code is welcome

17 August 2016

The long-awaited revision of the telecoms code has been outlined by the UK government but information on the proposed rules for resolving conflicts is still unknown.

Image for article: Avoiding feuding families down on the farm

Avoiding feuding families down on the farm

25 July 2016

In today’s Scotsman (25/07/16), Iain Penman, a Partner in our Dispute Resolution & Litigation team, examines how farming and families can be a challenging combination if the business structures don’t cater for the ups and downs of family relationships

Image for article: Mediation beats Court any day

Mediation beats Court any day

22 June 2016

Whether your dispute is commercial, matrimonial or financial, mediation offers better tools for solving it than litigation.