Our award-winning team of family lawyers based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and East Lothian help clients find the most beneficial outcomes for themselves and families, often in difficult circumstances.

Family Law & Divorce

As well as helping you achieve the best possible outcome, we can minimise the likelihood of future problems. At the start of a relationship, you may not consider the possibility of separation, but marriage, civil partnership and cohabitation all create legal rights and obligations. By making a pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreement , for example, you can prevent legal disputes about those rights and obligations in the future.

We are seeing increasing demand for Collaborative Law - a process of negotiation with emphasis on direct communication in a constructive way to resolve issues arising during separation and divorce. A Collaborative approach can help you achieve an effective co-parenting relationship for the future. Our team offers both traditional representation and the Collaborative approach.

Family Law Services

Our specialist advice on family law covers all areas including:

Whatever your situation, we can offer you sensitive, cost effective, expert advice. On a practical level, we also let you choose how you deal with us – face to face, by phone or by email - whatever method will make life easier for you.

Latest service news & features

Image for article: IVF con causes distressing consequences

IVF con causes distressing consequences

10 April 2015

A recent case where a mother had “conned” her ex-husband into believing that the child that they had together was biologically his for over five years, saw the mother being ordered to pay damages to her ex for the distress and humiliation caused.

Congratulations to our newly promoted lawyers

2 April 2015

We are thrilled to announce a number of promotions across five areas of our business.

Image for article: March is the true 'Divorce month'

March is the true 'Divorce month'

20 March 2015

March could supersede the first Monday in January as being peak time for divorce. This could well be the case because although people might make significant decisions over Christmas, many will let the dust settle before seeking advice about divorce.

Image for article: Could your ex have a claim on your cash years after divorce?

Could your ex have a claim on your cash years after divorce?

11 March 2015

The ex -wife of a millionaire businessman has won a landmark Supreme Court case and has been allowed to claim financial support from him 18 years after they were divorced. Could this happen in Scotland? The short answer is yes, but for lots of reasons it is very unlikely.